SUPPORTING others to realise their dreams and fulfil their potential is not only exceptionally rewarding, it boosts your business in the process.

And there’s no clearer example of that than from the work of Jonathan Webb, founder of Webb Development.

He started the business 20 years ago after being made redundant and was motivated by his passion for developing people and businesses to realise their full potential.

Jonathan’s success stems from his provision of a high standard of service to his clients, 95% of which have come about through referrals.

He has worked with a variety of sectors of business from large multi-nationals to small independent businesses in the private and public sector. These range from Petrochemical, Medical, and Telecommunications businesses to Airline, Hospitality, Property Management, and Retail.

Their strength is working alongside businesses, identifying what their potential is and providing strong, tangible goals to strive for, be it from direct assistance in the workplace or providing help towards team building days.

And there has been a two-way loyalty, whereby he has maintained contact and support for his clients even when, as in recent difficult financial times, there may have been no live business.

In turn, his clients have returned to him as things have improved.

Jonathan said: “Having the ability to realise your true potential as an individual, as a team, and as a business and hearing customers say “thank you for your support, encouragement, and contribution towards our growth” is an exhilarating experience; it is also a challenge to maintain consistently.”

Although the business trades as a sole trader, Jonathan has five associates, who work in partnership with him on larger projects and where certain specialised skills are required.

Jonathan does not personally seek rapid expansion, but is very enthusiastic about working alongside businesses as part of the team.

He has benchmarked his service by achieving a number of awards and achieving the Gold Award as a Certified Consultant Practitioner, 2006, with the British Accreditation Bureau.

Having built up an excellent reputation for working with teams, he has helped Directors, Managers, and Supervisors to bring clarity and focus to their work.

He and his associates have also coached individuals to develop their skills, break down barriers that currently prevent them from progressing, and to see the resulting improvements followed through in the workplace.

Jonathan concludes: “The difference between you and your competitors, between success and failure is the skill, motivation and commitment of your people.”

“We are excited about working with businesses of any size that require service improvement or team development and who are happy for an external unbiased partner to work alongside them to achieve this.”

Contact Webb Development today to find out exactly how they can maximise the potential of you and your firm.