Service Excellence

We have a team of people who provide great service to our customers, but partly due to pressure of work are not good at providing ‘internal service’ with colleagues.

How can we get our contractors/service partners representing us to provide a consistent first class service to our clients?

It is stated in our strategy and publicity that we ‘provide first class service to our customers’, but it is not real day to day.

Some of the team are providing great service and others are not; we need to provide great service consistently.


These are some quotes from clients requiring service development support.


Using our wide range of experience and expertise in facilitation and consultancy we work objectively with you to help achieve your goals;


We facilitate you to work through specific issues to reach appropriate decisions. This may involve discussing a strategic plan, exploring a business opportunity or improving teamwork;


We encourage all participants to get involved and we offer impartial observations, feedback and ideas;


We have an excellent track record with clients in this sphere of development.

Service from a Small Business Owner’s perspective

Client Comments

“Jon and I have been actively involved introducing a new way of working for Blue Fin building with the vision on expanding to the wider portfolio.
Enhancing a culture using a customer focused approach that allows team members to naturally excel. Jon facilitated workshops for our entire management team and he has been a major contribution to the successes we have achieved here at Blue Fin. It has been a real pleasure putting this together with Jon.”


Caspar Luiken, Property Manager


“Jon has tirelessly supported me over the past 18 or so years, initially in the hotel industry where he helped establish one of the leading country house hotels in the UK; latterly introducing and successfully adapting this unique style of hospitality to the commercial office environment.

He always does ‘exactly what it says on the tin’ and a whole lot more. A rare speciality of always speaking from the heart, along with a great track record of getting the best out of people with his sincere and engaging approach.

Unfortunately we now have a challenge of distance with some 12’000+ miles between us, but I won’t let that stop me trying to find a way to get Jon to Australia some time soon….”

 Director, Head of Customer Experience, Property and Asset Management, JLL Australia


“Jon has been a true professional at the front of our operation and has provided much inspiration with development of the management team over the past 8 years. We appreciate the major contribution made in raising the quality of customer service to an internationally recognised level and also the many improvements in streamlining our ‘one team one goal’ approach.”

General Manager, Tower 42, London



Case Studies


An organisation wanted to improve their ‘one team’ ethos and the quality of service they provided internally and externally. A focus group with representatives from across the business was set up to oversee the development and measure its success.

A series of 2 x 1 day programmes were facilitated for the whole organisation. Some of the outcomes included a closer working relationship between accounts team, surveyors and property managers.


A real estate company wanted to achieve world best practice in customer service and team development.

We helped them achieve the Investors in People Award and the Investors in Excellence Standard. Along the way, they have achieved an impressive number of other accolades, including the Customer Service Manager of the Year award and the British Institute of Facilities Management Customer Service Initiative award, as well as being finalists in the Front Office Team of the Year award. They also won American International Awards, enabling them to benchmark against world best practice.