Team and Organisation Development

We need to continue developing the directors and the management team to enhance the ‘one team’ ethos and outstanding quality of service.

We are already a successful organisation and have a strong team. We need an additional focus and drive to remain ahead of the competition.

Members of the team need to be more efficient and plan their time better.

We need to have a clearer strategy and common focus for all our team.


These are sample quotations given by clients when asking for development support.

We use a combination of approaches including –


Facilitating Workshops;


Chairing Focus Groups;


Collating research;



Team & Business Development

Using our wide range of experience and expertise in facilitation and consultancy we will work objectively with you to help you achieve your goals.

We –

  • improve teamwork and help groups to establish and work towards common goals;
  • offer an unbiased approach to reaching objectives;
  • facilitate learning events which focus on specific topics and are tailored to individual requirements;
  • work through specific issues to reach appropriate decisions; this may involve discussing a strategic plan, exploring a business opportunity or improving teamwork.


Webb Development also facilitates learning events on topics such as change management, communication, leadership, service, and strategy. The content is tailored specifically to requirements, and focuses on the practical application of what’s learnt. We consider why it needs to be done, what to do, how to do it, and examine ways of overcoming the hurdles to success.

Client Comments

“In the space of 4 months, Jon has helped us to start on a journey of self-awareness, personal and team development and focusing on improving our customer experience. Under Jon’s expertise and coaching I have seen the team and myself significantly grow in self-confidence and team togetherness, positively impacting each person individually and the business collectively. Whilst the journey is far from over, thanks Jon for helping us to get to where we are today.”

Head of Finance and Administration at GF Machining Solutions UK

“It is great to work with Jon and he adds such great value to our business and the leadership capabilities of our management teams across several countries.”

Christopher Rawstron,
Senior Vice President Operations-Asset Management Europe,
Westmont Hospitality Group

“The partnership between Webb Development and Broadgate Estates (BE) has been in place for over ten years. During this period, the Webb Development team have played a key role in helping us to reinforce our vision, mission and aim across our business, as well as supporting our Service Excellence ethos.

Without doubt, working with Webb Development has contributed positively to our employee engagement and satisfaction “scores” because of the colleague’s feedback they have been able to channel back to the leadership team. The support and development Webb Development has undertaken on a number of our Estates has also played a positive contribution towards improving the quality of service and the ‘one team’ ethos. This was illustrated by an outstanding occupiers’ survey result at one of our Estates.”

HR Director, Broadgate Estates, UK


“The three days we spent with you in Derbyshire with the management team were very productive and also great fun. We made a lot of progress in shaping the organisation for the future, reinforcing our common goal and agreeing key priorities. The follow up workshop with other colleagues was also very worthwhile and we look forward to planning further events with you. The telling fact is that the camaraderie we achieved is still with us some six months later.”

Chief Executive, The Parks Trust, Milton Keynes


“I had to make a new management team gel quickly and effectively. Webb Development helped my new board hit the ground running and deliver significant business results faster than I could have hoped.”

Managing Director, Marstons Pub Company


“Thank you for your hard work and effort in producing such an excellent team-building event. The pace was just right – political and confrontational subjects were well managed, along with a good balance of work and play. It was an outstanding teambuilding event, and it was as close to perfect as you could wish to achieve. Well done.”

Head of Central Locations, Major retail company


Case Studies


A group of managers with differing views and ideas on how to run the business were brought together in a new business venture. A development workshop and individual coaching enabled them to establish a common vision and a clear set of objectives for the team, which were implemented successfully. The organisation became a role model for best practice and excellent service within its sector.


A development workshop was held for a successful team which was always striving to drive the business further forward. They agreed they’d reached a plateau and found it difficult to keep improving their team performance. We offered a mixture of fun and intensive discussions, during which a number of practical outcomes were agreed. The team had a renewed energy and focus and felt they were better equipped to drive the business forward.


Managers from a chemical research laboratory needed to develop their skills in leading and managing people. We organised one-to-one discussions with each individual before holding a two-day leadership programme. Following the event, the company was able to quickly implement changes and the managers were significantly more responsive to situations which involved leading the way.