Leadership & Business Coaching

I am an Executive/Director and need to talk through specific challenges I am facing in a totally confidential environment. I am unable to share my thoughts with anyone in the organisation.

I need confidential support in helping me to settle into my new promotional role, to enable me to be able to think more strategically, less on managing day to day situations.

I own a small business and require coaching support in developing a stronger strategy and growing the business.

I have over time lost my confidence and self-esteem and need support in getting it back.


These are four of many reasons why people have come to us for coaching through their organisation or personally. We –


support directors and senior managers to develop the skills required for successful leaders;


help find solutions to specific issues;


address personal situations in a professional and confidential environment;


are always relevant to individual circumstances and our methods can be applied immediately in the workplace.

Leadership & Business Coaching

  • is time efficient and cost effective;
  • helps you achieve goals and improve personal performance;
  • offers specific solutions for individual problems;
  • is flexible – it takes place where you want it to;
  • presents the opportunity to discuss uncomfortable or sensitive issues;
  • is tailored specifically to you and so can be applied by you, immediately;
  • is confidential, impartial, and supportive of you and your circumstances.


Jon and his associates are qualified coaches with many years’ experience working in private and public sector organisations locally and internationally, at Director and management level.

Jon is also a qualified coach supervisor working with qualified coaches individually or in groups.

Client Comments

I signed up for a coaching session through The Institute of Leadership and Management promotion, thinking I would give it a try in the hope I would see some personal development and see how it went. What I left with from my first meeting with Jon Webb, was vastly more…. I learned that most of the challenges I faced were not insurmountable, I had to continue to learn more than try to get things done due to the short tenure in my role and my focus on people and development was absolutely the right thing, which led to my personal confidence going through the roof. Since then I have met further with Jon and gone from strength to strength focusing on what I must stop, start and continue with my daily work habits and building my leadership pillars. I have still a journey to go on with my self-development, but with Jon’s coaching I am confident it will continue to be a very successful one.

Global Finance Director

Jon and I met back in 2016 which is now four years ago working together on a strategy, developing customer centric based solutions in a corporate Real Estate environment.

I have stayed in touch with Jon ever since and Jon has helped, coached and developed me as a person dealing with opportunities and challenges you come across in Senior Leadership positions. I have made some impulsive and challenging decisions over the years that Jon has helped me put into perspective.

Jon has the ability for you to be yourself and challenge the status the quo that will help you figure out answers to your questions. Jon has a professional yet pleasant way of collaborating with you through your emotions and cognitive behaviours. I have met many coaches and consultants in my career assuming to have these exact skills but not a lot that can truly deliver that. Jon’s passion, energy and drive will help you to succeed your goals and ambitions in an organic and fun way.

Specific areas of interest over the years for me have been influencing others as a leader, managing complex and successful teams, managing change, growth and developing as an individual in a world that can be challenging at times. I am very pleased to have met and worked with Jon and he has become my trusted adviser, mentor and coach. On a personal level I consider Jon to be a good friend!

Caspar Luiken, Community Director – Property and Asset Management JLL

When I approached Jon I was suffering from low self-esteem and greatly reduced self-confidence.  Facing extreme stress at work and possible (later confirmed) redundancy, he helped and guided me through a process which ultimately led me to re-assess my values and approach to life in general.  Thanks to Jon I am now happier, more confident and have greater self-esteem.  I would recommend him without any hesitation.

Marketing Executive

“Jon provided excellent, personally-tailored coaching for me during a period of very significant career change. At all times he was enthusiastically encouraging, without failing to ask the perceptively challenging question that invariably cut through to the heart of the matter stimulating further valuable personal reflection.

He made creative and effective use of a number of relevant analysis tools, consistently grounding the discoveries with real world applications – Jon is no ivory tower coach. He was always a real pleasure to work with such that after each coaching session I came away feeling so appreciative for time well invested.”

Former Charity Chief Executive

“The coaching sessions with Jon have helped me to be more confident in my own performance. They have been inspirational, and an energy recharging activity.”


“This is an overdue recommendation to one of the best professional influences I have ever had. Thanks to Jon’s coaching and guidance, I grew tremendously both, as a professional and human being. Thank you, thank you and thank you!!”

Business and Personal Coach

“As a result of the coaching sessions with Jon, I am more focused, I multi-task better, I am becoming better at managing my diary and tasks, as well as being able to plan the future of the company.”


“The Coaching Supervision sessions enabled me to spend time on reflecting on two coaching concerns. Helping me understand my relationship around the aspects was extremely helpful in enabling me to understand and then positively move on.”



I’ve been working with Jon recently on group supervision for coaching, at which his expertise is clearly evident. He is brilliant at creating an ambience in which deep thinking and questioning can take place. This is an essential pre-requisite to really good coaching and supervision and I have benefited a lot from Jon’s skill in this area.”

Managing Director, International Brewery and Pub Company


Case Studies


Coaching helped a senior manager take control of his career during a reorganisation and merger.


A director of a successful company regularly used a coach as a sounding board, a challenge to his thinking, a source of new ideas and to develop his skills and capabilities.


A divisional director used coaching to help him think through a strategy for reorganisation, improve his ability to motivate staff and maintain performance levels during a period of change.


A senior manager had significant expertise in a specialised field but limited people-management skills. Coaching developed his skills in leadership and understanding customer expectations, which contributed towards a successful and growing business.

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