Our Aim

To help people, teams and organisations understand their purpose and pursue it with confidence and resilience through --

Passionate about developing people

Executive & Business Coaching

Jon and his associates are qualified coaches with many years experience working in private and public sector organisations locally and internationally, at Director and management level.

Team and Organisation Development

Using our wide range of experience and expertise in facilitation and consultancy we will work objectively with you to help you achieve your goals.

Service Excellence

Providing great service and service development is at the core of our purpose.


Jon is a high quality leadership coach. His career experience, coaching talent and dedication to regular CPD combined with his mental agility, sensitivity, curiosity and genuine desire to support his client’s goals, makes him a formidable resource. I have very much benefited from having Jon has part of my co-coaching and Supervision network for 7+ years. His ability and timing for asking penetrating questions has been catalytic for me. His patience, diligence and recall has also been a real asset. It has helped me immensely with reflecting; especially in unpicking repeating patterns and exploring events more deeply. Overall working with Jon has been stimulating, enjoyable and extremely worthwhile.

Clive Steeper

Leadership and Executive Coach

I met Jon some 20 years ago and since then he has been an integral part of my management vision for the teams that I have been part of. During that time every one of those teams has been successful and throughout that time he has been instrumental in my own personal development and success. He is without doubt a trusted adviser for me and any member of the team and his wise words and guidance can always be relied upon.

Danny Lemon

General Manager, The Shard

Jon has tirelessly supported, encouraged and guided me for the past 25 years, through the various roles through my career. He has always been there for me no matter what, focussing me through the highs and cheering me through the lows. Having someone in your professional life who consistently believes in you 100%, is the ultimate blessing that everyone should enjoy. My success through to today, comes with profound gratitude to Jon!

Peter Merrett

International Speaker and Founder, The House of Wonderful


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