I am celebrating a non-anniversary, 11½ years, as a qualified PG personal and business coach and 9 years as a PG Cert Coach Supervisor through the wonderful Barefoot Coaching.

I would like to thank Kim Morgan, Diane Hanna and the team for all their insightful teaching and guidance they shared in the early days and continue to do. As part of my non-anniversary, I would like to share with you some coaching insights from my coaching journey as well as those I have gleaned as a Coach Supervisor.

For those on the early part of your coaching journey I cannot recommend Barefoot Coaching highly enough and whenever I get the opportunity to promote coaching qualifications, Barefoot and the ICF are at the forefront. You will be very excited at the start of your journey; you will explore and find depths of feeling and insights that you did not know you had. It is a great cleansing process to set you up for your coaching journey.


When you have qualified, and received your ICF accreditation, the excitement and joy continue. Then comes a point where some people find it a challenge to have clarity about their vision as a self-employed coach, in setting up a new business, or how to integrate the coaching culture into the organisation you work for. Others of you ‘just fly!’.


In my early coaching days, I wanted to play a small part in enriching the coaching profession by taking the PG Coaching Supervision programme. Over the years I have had coaching supervision and CPD and consider it essential as part of the coaching journey. If you sometimes feel challenged and uncertain about what steps to take or a particular situation, you are not alone, support is there through coaching supervision. Coaching supervision is essential to keep you crisp, focussed, ‘in the moment’ and professional with every coaching assignment you undertake.


Of course, you already know all this; but, like me, you maybe need reminding sometimes.

Jon Webb

Celebrate your successes, congratulate yourself on your achievements, without letting in the ego, and continue to grow and deepen your professional approach to coaching. We are part of the Eco System – ‘It’s about us’ not our Ego system – ‘It’s about me’. Focus on what you excel in, your unique way of coaching, and clarify your ‘niche’.


If you haven’t already done so, explore having coaching supervision. Have a chemistry session with one or two coach supervisors, through Barefoot coaching or some other known professional source. If you would like to explore further, you can contact me or the Barefoot team.


Wishing you continued success on your coaching journey and be resilient when you are challenged. As the saying goes –



“It has been a pleasure and a privilege to know Jon for the past 11 years and I would like to thank him for his support for me, for Barefoot and for his contributions to the Barefoot Alumni community.  He has always embodied his company values of loyalty, integrity, professionalism, service and enjoyment in what he does.  He demonstrates them all in his kind, supportive, cheerful professionalism and his downright ‘goodness’.  He wears his considerable business knowledge and coaching expertise lightly, without ego.”

Kim Morgan, CEO and Founder Barefoot Coaching Ltd




(UK based Leadership/Team Coach and Coaching Supervisor)

Jon is an award-winning Facilitator, Leadership and Team Coach, and Coach Supervisor with considerable experience in team development, coaching, customer service, and personal development, working with organisations in the UK and internationally. He has run Webb Development, a leadership development and coaching business, for over 30 years.

His aspiration is to enable people to achieve their true potential that they may not be aware of, by challenging, encouraging and supporting them, and in turn enabling them to share their energy, enthusiasm and motivation with others to provide a positive environment for people they work and share their lives with.


Mobile: 07967 040531